Planning Assistance

The Office of State Planning Coordination provides a wide range of planning assistance to county and local governments. Land use decisions in Delaware are made at the municipal and county level. State government provides over-all guidance and coordination and serves as a planning resource for local governments.

Circuit-Rider Planners

Planning professionals in the State Planning Office are assigned to provide primary assistance for local governments in each county. These planners have become informally known as "circuit-rider planners."

Samantha Bulkilvish, AICP
Circuit-Rider Planner for New Castle County
(302) 739-3090

Joshua Thomas, AICP
Circuit-Rider Planner for Kent County
(302) 739-3090

Dorothy Morris, AICP
Circuit-Rider Planner for Sussex County
(302) 739-3090

The Office has prepared the Comprehensive Plan Checklist and Municipal Comprehensive Plan Guide to help municipal governments meet the requirements of state laws regarding planning. These documents have recently been revised. The checklist is now a single page and focusses on code requirements. The guide has been expanded to include even more guidance about planning strategies as well as information about other state programs and resources that can assist local governments as they craft plans that address the needs of their communities.