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Cabinet Committee on State Planning Issues Annual Report

The OSPC is pleased to announce the availability of the 2021 Annual Report on State Planning Issues. This report is prepared on behalf of the Cabinet Committee on State Planning Issues for the Governor and General Assembly. The purpose of the report is to share information relevant to planning and land use decisions, and to present data collected for analyzing residential and non-residential development trends.

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Connie Holland Retires as Director of State Planning Coordination, New Director Appointed

April 30, 2021 - Connie Holland retires as the Director of the Office of State Planning Coordination after 20 plus years of leadership. Cerron Cade, Director of the Office of Management and Budget, acknowledged her dedication, years of service and tremendous impact on the State of Delaware. As he stated so eloquently “All who have known Connie have been witness to her commitment to the mission and staff of the OSPC. I believe that Governor Carney said it best: ‘Connie is a true public servant and has played an important role in Delaware’s community development efforts. Not only has Connie thought about how economic development can positively impact all Delawareans, but she is also aware that we need to protect Delaware’s natural resources for future generations. We appreciate the passion that she has had for her work in the Office of State Planning, and the support and guidance that she provided to our agencies and local governments throughout Delaware.’ As part of Connie’s legacy, she has built an excellent team.

Director Cade also announced that David Edgell will be taking the reins as the new Director of the Office of State Planning Coordination, effective May 3, 2021. David has worked as a Principal Planner for the OSPC for 18 years. During his time with the OSPC, David has been involved with all aspects of our statewide planning policies and initiatives. He has worked closely with Connie and staff to coordinate the land use and infrastructure related activities of our state agencies with the sixty local governments. Notably, David has been with OMB since the agency’s inception.